Intel Introduces Intel Unison Multi-Device Collaboration Technology

Intel released the 13th generation Core processor and announced the Intel Multi-Device Collaboration Technology (Intel Unison). The initial version of Intel Unison Technology (Intel Unison) will enable seamless continuous connectivity between PCs and mobile phones, including iOS and Android initially. With simple pairing, users can:

  • File Transfer: Create fast file transfer between PC and Andriod or iOS device, and by extending PC functions, users can take photos or record videos from their mobile phones. They can seamlessly implement editing operations on the PC.
  • Text Messages: Send and receive text messages from your PC without switching devices, using the comfort and convenience of a full keyboard and monitor.
  • Calls: With access to the full contact list on the phone, users can make and receive voice calls directly from the PC.
  • Phone Notifications: Receive and manage phone notifications from a PC, allowing users to stay connected and in control.

Intel Unison will debut on select 12th Gen Intel Core processors and Evo-certified laptops from Acer, HP, and Lenovo this year, and will expand to more early next year Devices with 13th Gen Intel Core processors. Intel Unison will continue to evolve and will be applied to more types of devices, expand more functions, and support more operating systems in the future.

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