Intel plans to increase prices in Q4

A source in Bobantang said that Intel issued the latest notice: It is expected to implement a price increase policy for all product plans from the Q4 quarter of 2022, with a range of about 10-20%, and will involve INTEL Motherboard chipset products.

Intel released its second-quarter earnings report in July this year and then confirmed that it would increase the pricing of all major products, including CPUs.

After releasing its second-quarter 2022 earnings report, Intel said it missed its double-digit targets for both revenue and earnings per share. Both Intel's client computing and data center divisions saw huge declines in revenue, and while the company reiterated that they're trying to do better and have a very good set of products in the second half of 2022, it's going to take most of Chipzilla's Components, including CPUs, are subject to price increases.

In fact, talk of Intel's price hike has been on the table for months, with previous reports suggesting that Intel will increase the price of CPUs and other components by 20%. The list of affected products includes CPUs for client computing servers, as well as a list of other components, such as Wi-Fi connection controllers.

It is worth mentioning that the above three CPU and chip divisions are Intel's main business. The company expects some product pricing to rise from single digits to 10-20%, but the final price has not yet been determined, but Intel has cooperated with it. Communicate with partners and customers to prepare for price increases.

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