Intel showcases a variety of Lanji and ASRock non-public versions of Ruixuan A770 / A750 graphics cards

At the Innovation Conference 2022 and the Intel Open House event in Taiwan, Intel showed the first non-public graphics cards of the Ruixuan A770 and A750, including many from Lanji, ASRock and other brands. Design, which will be available on October 12.

According to the pictures taken by Cool3C, Lanji's new graphics card adopts a three-fan design, a 2.2-slot radiator, and is equipped with two 8-pin power connectors, which is an upgraded version of Intel's 8+6-pin. The card also comes with a simple metal shield and backplate.

According to pictures taken by Engadget, Lanji also has another Ruixuan A770 design, as shown in the upper right corner of the picture below.

ASRock has launched two A7 graphics card designs, one is the Phantom Gaming series (A770) and the other is the Challenger (A750). Both cards are also equipped with dual 8-pin power connectors, and one of them is still the "OC" version, which may be higher frequency than Intel's limited edition.

The Intel Ruixuan A770 is equipped with a full ACM-G10 GPU with 32 Xe-Cores and 8GB to 16GB of video memory . The marked GPU frequency is 2100MHz, but through voltage curve modification and power limit adjustment, it can reach a stable frequency of 2.7 GHz. The price is  $329 (about 2352.35 yuan) and will be available on October 12.

The second flagship graphics card Ruixuan A750 Limited Edition uses 28 Xe cores, the marked GPU frequency is 2050MHz, equipped with 8GB 16Gbps 256bit GDDR6 memory, TDP 225W, powered by 8+6pin, equipped with four DP 2.0 ports and one HDMI 2.1 port.

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