Intel's 13th-generation Core desktop processor core display run points are released

HP desktop computer equipped with the Intel i9-13900 appeared on the Geekbench platform, with a core display score of 9498, which is basically the same as the core display score of the previous generation i9-12900.

As shown in the picture above, this i9-13900 has 24 cores and 32 threads, with the main frequency of 2GHz and a turbo frequency of 5.3GHz. The core display is 32EU, and the GPU frequency is 1650MHz. In contrast, the core display UHD 770 of the old i9-12900 is also 32EU, and the GPU frequency is 1550MHz. The picture below is the core display score of the i9-12900.

Intel's 13th-generation Core processors will be released in the early morning of September 28, Beijing time, and will be launched on October 20. The first listed models include i9, i7, and i5 K series models. The 13th-generation Core i9K model will be available for pre-sale in China after its release on September 28. After that, there seems to be a domestic launch event on October 13, when the i7K and i5K models will be available for pre-sale.

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