Israel: Apple is looking for a store manager for Tel Aviv

Although more or less all Apple products are sold in Israel and you can get support and technical service for them, the real dream of Apple enthusiasts still remains the same: an official Apple Store in Israel. The users already dream of receiving support from Genius, an expert in Hebrew; to purchase new products with courteous and professional sellers, who have undergone training by the company, and are not busy selling vacuum cleaners on the road, and in general, just to feel abroad. Not surprisingly, a rumor or a piece of news also pops up from time to time that rekindles the hope for an official Apple Store in Israel, but also This time, despite the hopes, we are here to ruin the celebration.

The fine print reveals everything

Twitter user Raz Kaplan noticed a relatively new job posted on Apple's official LinkedIn page announcing that the company is looking for employees for the position of Apple Shop Leader in Tel Aviv. "Apple is opening an official store in Israel," Kaplan wrote in his tweet (which has since been deleted). Indeed at first glance, there seems to be a reason for the party, but after a few seconds, we suspected the use of the word Shop. After all, we wish for an Apple Store, not an Apple Shop. So we entered the job page itself, and then the party began to disperse: "We cooperate with partner marketers to accelerate the sales of Apple products and Apple services within their stores... You are the link between the future customers and its products. You will display your ambitious attitude as you lead Apple Shop sales and operations within a retail partner's store.' In addition, it says that "You will motivate the retail partner's employees with your style, your love of technology, and your passion for Apple products every day. In this role, you are a dynamic leader, business manager, and influencer operating within a retail partner's store with a variety of brands.'

The bottom line is the one that completely brings us back to proportions: "The position is called within the company Apple Solution Consultant". From information obtained by Gigtime, it appears that this is an existing and even relatively old position in the company, and recently the person who filled it left his position, and therefore Apple is looking for a replacement for him retrospectively. In practice, the same employee is responsible that the central stores in Israel carrying out the certifications that Apple requires of them and that they meet Apple's standards.

When an Apple store was discovered as an electrical warehouse

This is definitely not the first time we have been fooled by false alerts about the opening of an Apple Store in Israel (and the first to say an Apple Store is receiving a private lesson from Avshalom Kor). Also in 2020, news surfaced about the opening of an official Apple store in Israel, but even then, we ruined the party when we made it clear that these were Apple positions within branches of the Electric Warehouse chain, and in the past the writer of these lines also reported on the opening of an official Apple store in Israel, only So that in the end it will be revealed as a "store within a store" of the ALM branch in duty-free. So if you have been waiting for an Apple Store in Israel. We're sorry, but you'll have to wait a long time.

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