Japanese telecom operator KDDI apologizes for another communication failure

On the september11th, Japanese telecom operator KDDI (au) announced that from about 10:30 that night, a communication failure occurred in 16 prefectures in eastern Japan. The fault was fixed at 10:42 pm that night. Voice calls and short message services (SMS), including emergency calls such as 119, were temporarily difficult to use.

KDDI said it will investigate the cause of the outage and the number of users affected. In early July this year, KDDI also experienced a communication failure, affecting at least 30.91 million people accumulatively.

At around 21:13 on August 24, local time, communication services such as au, povo, and UQ mobile under the Japanese telecommunications operator KDDI also experienced problems where voice calls were difficult or impossible to connect. As of March this year, the KDDI infrastructure had about 62 million mobile subscribers, of which about 31 million were individual contract users under the au, UQ Mobile, and povo brands.

As Japan's second-largest mobile operator, KDDI's mobile communication service had a nationwide outage on July 2. According to an investigation report released by the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the communication failure on July 2 lasted for 61 hours and 25 minutes, affecting more than 30.91 million people, surpassing the SoftBank communication failure incident in 2018 and becoming the largest failure in Japanese history.

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