Jiyin·Likeyin N1printer released

The Chinese printer brand Jiyin held a product experience meeting in Beijing today and released a new photo printer Jiyin - Likeyin N1. It uses inkless printing technology, supports video printing, and is priced at 489 yuan.

Jiyin·Recoyin N1 positioning pocket photo printer, the whole machine weighs 183 grams, and the size is similar to that of mainstream mobile phones. The body has only one power button and one indicator light. It adopts the push cover design to replace the photo paper, and there are three colors of cherry blossom powder, cloud white, and mint green. Also limited by the size of the body, the N1 can only print 3-inch photos.

In terms of printing technology, GeekWire·Colithic N1 adopts inkless printing technology. Compared with the common sublimation, inkless printing heats special photo paper through the temperature change of the printer, so that it displays a specific color at high temperature, and then realizes the picture printing.

The N1 connects to the mobile app via Bluetooth, and in addition to traditional photo printing, the N1 also supports "voice photo" and "AR photo" printing. When using this feature, the printed photo can be associated with a specified video frame of up to 15 seconds. Users can preview the content of the screen by scanning the photo in the official app. In addition, the official app also provides options for different picture frames, filters, etc. The official three-inch photo paper also comes with stickers, which are convenient for users to save and paste.

Jiyin·Recoyin N1 comes with photo paper in the package, priced at 489 yuan, and will be officially launched at 10 am on September 26.

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