JPMorgan analyst: 5% of Apple's iPhone 14 will be made in India by the end of this year

Apple plans to shift a quarter of its iPhone production to India by 2025, as the company hopes to diversify its supply chain instead of relying too heavily on China.

JPMorgan analysts also said on Wednesday that they believe Apple will move about 5% of iPhone 14 production to India by the end of 2022.

If this claim is accurate, it would be a fundamental shift for Apple, which currently manufactures most of its products in China. Currently, about 5% of Apple's products are made in India, Vietnam, and elsewhere.

India began producing iPhones in 2017 in partnership with suppliers Wistron and Foxconn. Apple will launch the iPhone 12 in India in 2021, followed by the iPhone 13 in 2022.

A report released on September 9, 2022, shows that Indian enterprise Tata Group is in talks with Wistron to establish a partnership for iPhone production.

Further details of the plan have not yet been confirmed, but Tata Group could buy a stake in Wistron's India plant. The two companies also have the potential to build new assembly plants.

Apple's secrecy could hinder iPhone production in India, as the country needs to comply with Apple's strict policies. Local executives reportedly inspected Foxconn's assembly lines and struggled to find all potential ways a leak could occur.

There are also concerns that Indian customs officials opening packages to inspect declarations could be another channel for product leakage.

Ironically, India could also pose a challenge to Apple and the iPhone. The Indian government is looking into adopting a universal charger for all portable electronic devices, which could put more pressure on Apple to use USB-C or other ports of choice for its smartphones.

On August 17, 2022, India's Consumer Affairs Minister Rohit Kumar Singh held a meeting with manufacturers to start exploring the issue.

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