Keychron launches V4 customized keyboard

Keychron has now launched a V4 customized keyboard with a 61-key design. Kpro red switches, brown switches, and blue switches are available. The price starts from 328 yuan, and the price of the kit model without shaft and keycap is 248 yuan.

V4 has two versions matte black version (semi-transparent) and a carbon black version (opaque). After plugging in the type-C cable and connecting it to the computer, the matte black keyboard body vaguely projects a colorful neon light, with a total of 13 lighting effect modes that can be adjusted.

This keyboard consists of 61 keys, which remove the function keys, numeric keypad, and direction keys, and can be operated through the Fn key combination on the manual.

V4 uses OSA PBT keycaps, OSA fits the curvature of human fingers and is ergonomic. Compared with ABS keycaps, PBT keycaps are more durable, the characters are not easy to wear off, and it is not easy to appear greasy, bringing a dry and comfortable typing feel. The keycaps of this material have a longer service life and are very suitable for friends who play games and codewords.

In terms of the shaft body, the V4 adopts the K-pro shaft developed by Keychron itself. K-pro axles are factory lubricated to increase stability and reduce wobble. The silver-plated satellite shaft adopts a more precise process so that the typing of the large keys is not easy to shake, and the bottom is crisp and more stable. The return key, delete key, and satellite axis is increased by 0.6mm, which makes the key sound more comfortable and the rebound more comfortable.

In addition, V4 has a hot-swap option, which makes it easier to customize the shaft, making the keyboard more playable and interesting, and the holes are compatible with tripod and five-legged shafts. The keyboard is equipped with an ultra-low-power Arm Cortex-M4 32-bit STM32L432 MCU with 128K flash and a polling rate of up to 1000 Hz. Fully support QMK / VIA open source key change, users can easily program each key on the keyboard according to their own needs according to the official website operation instructions.

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