King of Africa ​​Transsion 180W fast charge + 200MP main camera exposure

Transsion, which ranks first in the African mobile phone market, seems to be launching a "high-end phone". After accumulating technologies such as 180W fast charging, a new phone equipped with this technology was exposed.

According to blogger @Digital Chat Station, Transsion will launch a new phone powered by the Dimensity 920 processor. The phone is equipped with a 120Hz centered single-hole curved screen, 180W fast charging, and a 200MP main camera. Its products, the configuration is really not low.

As can be seen from the exposure picture, the phone uses a very special wrinkled textured back cover and is equipped with three rear cameras, and more details need to be further exposed.

In June this year, Transsion's Infinix brand warmed up the  180W Thunder Charge fast charging technology and said that the flagship mobile phone launched later this year will use this technology, which may be this model.

The goal of Transsion’s new 180W charging technology is to charge a 4500mAh battery to 50% in 4 minutes. Infinix has revealed some details about the Thunder Charge system, which will utilize two 8C batteries connected in series, each of which will only need to handle 90W of power. The two cells are powered by three charge pumps with a conversion efficiency of 99%.

The Thunder Charge system has 111 hardware and software security mechanisms, with 20 temperature sensors monitoring USB ports, charging chips, batteries, and other key locations. The goal of this charging technology is to keep the phone’s charging temperature below 43°C to reduce battery degradation. Thunder Charge will also use a special encryption chip to verify the authenticity of the charging cable.

In addition, in January of this year, Transsion announced the launch of a telescopic macro lens that is expected to significantly improve the quality of macro shooting, as well as the overall shooting experience. The phone body extends a telephoto macro lens, allowing users to take close-ups without getting too close to the subject, providing 5x optical zoom, and the end result is comparable to the main camera.

In July of this year, Transsion Infinix announced the development of an improved liquid-cooled cooling technology, dubbed the " 3D Vapor Cloud Chamber " (3D VCC). According to the company, it reduces the temperature of the chipset by 3°C compared to traditional VC liquid cooling designs .

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