Kingston plans to name the Fury product as Fei Rui in Chinese

Last year, HP completed the acquisition of Kingston peripheral brand HyperX. After that, Kingston announced the launch of the Kingston FURY game brand. The name comes from the FURY memory launched in 2014. The memory, flash memory, and SSD hard drives originally belonging to HyperX will be placed under the Kingston FURY brand.

According to Bobantang, after Kingston's HyperX was sold to HP, the Chinese name of Kingston Fury has not been announced. The latest news says that the Chinese name may be named "Fei Rui".

The Kingston FURY brand will include the following product lines:

  • Kingston FURY Renegade: Combining high performance and low latency, it has excellent performance and stability (RGB / non-RGB optional), and the frequency is up to DDR4 5333MHz.
  • Kingston's FURY Beast: A cost-effective memory product for PC enthusiasts and gamers (with DDR3 and DDR4 RGB/non-RGB options), with frequencies up to 3733MHz.
  • Kingston's FURY Impact: Powerful SO-DIMM memory products for notebooks, NUCs, and other small form factor PC hosts (both DDR3 and DDR4) with frequencies up to 3200MHz.

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