Lei Jun: Xiaomi was founded to influence the world

Lei Jun announced that Xiaomi has officially entered the smart electric vehicle industry. Today, Lei Jun reposted a video of himself accepting CCTV's documentary talk show "Genting Dialogue" on Weibo, sharing his past experience.

Regarding the establishment of Xiaomi, Lei Jun said that he achieved financial freedom at about the age of 31, and after three or four years of semi-retirement, he was "prosperous" in the investment world. When Lei Jun was 18 or 19 years old, he read the book "Fire in Silicon Valley", so he wanted to start a technology company and influence the world. Therefore, Lei Jun founded Xiaomi Corporation.

Regarding Xiaomi's entry into the electric vehicle industry, Lei Jun said that if Xiaomi wants to become a great company, it must follow the wind. Fusion, if you don’t do it, you will be left behind.” At the same time, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi's decision to build a car was a forced decision.

According to a previous report, on September 9, Lei Jun said on social platforms that Tesla entered the electric vehicle industry more than 10 years earlier than Xiaomi, and some people believe that Xiaomi has missed the time window to enter the electric vehicle industry. To this, I disagree, the race has just begun, and I think Xiaomi still has a lot of opportunities.

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