Leica will release a new generation of M-series cameras in October

Lleicarumors reported that a new generation of Leica film cameras will be released in October, and may have been reporting on the new Leica M-series cameras recently, which will replace the current Leica MP. At present, the Leica invitation letter has been sent, and some photographers have already obtained the machine for testing in advance.

It was initially rumored that the new camera would be an inexpensive M-series professional film camera, and while the specs are unknown, it's safe to assume the new camera won't be cheap.

According to reports, Leica's invitation letter shows that a press conference will be held in Germany in October, and it is expected that in addition to film cameras, new products will be announced at the conference.

Currently, Leica is the only major camera manufacturer developing a full-fledged film camera, so Leica's new model is likely to become a hit with film camera enthusiasts. The Leica MP inherits Leica's superb design and impressive performance. The Leica MP has a shutter speed of 1-1/1000 seconds and has a fast film winding handle and a Leica MOTOR-M film winding motor. The size of the Leica MP is 138 × 77 × 38mm and weighs about 585g. It is currently sold for 46,900 yuan in Jingdong Mall.

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