Lenovo Group Announces Strategic Cooperation with Tsinghua University

According to the official WeChat news of Lenovo Group, on September 6th, Lenovo Group and Tsinghua University reached a strategic cooperation to jointly promote basic scientific research innovation and technology applications in major fields such as intelligent manufacturing, integrated circuits, and future computing. Exchange with talent. In addition, Lenovo Group also initiated a donation to Tsinghua University to support talent training of Tsinghua University.

At the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation that day, Yang Yuanqing, Chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, also announced that he personally donated money to Qiuzhen Academy of Tsinghua University, where Qiu Chengtong, a world-renowned mathematician, serves as the dean. First-class math talents make a contribution.

"Technological innovation is one of the strategic pillars of Lenovo Group." Yang Yuanqing said in his speech at the strategic cooperation signing ceremony. He introduced, "In recent years, Lenovo has continued to increase investment and carry out R&D innovation. Strengthening basic research and achieving breakthroughs in core technologies are two paths that complement each other. However, we realize that in terms of basic research, only the company's own strength is far from enough, so while improving our own research and development capabilities, we take the strengthening of industry-university-research collaboration innovation with more high-level research institutions as an important part of the scientific and technological innovation plan."

According to the strategic cooperation agreement signed by Lenovo Group and Tsinghua University, the two parties will cooperate in two aspects: technological innovation and application, talent exchange, and training.

In terms of scientific and technological innovation, the two sides will focus on the major needs of technological and social development, and set up three special projects for deep integration of production, education, and research in "integrated circuits", "intelligent manufacturing" and "computer architecture". In-depth research on topics such as the "Double Carbon Strategy", promotes basic research and cross-innovation development, enhances independent innovation capabilities and core competitiveness, and actively promotes the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

In terms of talent exchange and cooperation, Tsinghua University will rely on its advantageous educational resources to train high-level talents in technology, management, and operation for Lenovo Group. Lenovo Group will actively support the construction of Tsinghua University's student practice base and graduate employment.

In addition, Lenovo Group also initiated a donation to Tsinghua University to support talent training of Tsinghua University. Including the establishment of the "Friends of Tsinghua-Lenovo Self-improvement Award" to support the talent training of Tsinghua University's "Self-improvement Program", and to provide subsidies for students in rural and poverty-stricken areas to complete their studies, carry out social practice, and practice employment.

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