Lenovo Savior Blade series 2023 desktops announced

Lenovo announced the 2023 desktop version of the Savior Blade series, equipped with the newly released 13th generation Core processor. The new desktops include the Savior Blade 9000K 2023 and Blade 7000K 2023, and the three newly released K-series processors are optional, and the performance can be released up to 260W.

Intel's 13th-generation Intel Core uses the mature Intel 7 process technology and x86 high-performance hybrid architecture, and its single-threaded performance and multi-threaded performance have increased by up to 15% and 41%, respectively.

The 13th generation Intel Core K-series desktop processors and Intel Z790 chipset will be available starting October 20, including boxed processors, motherboards, and desktop systems. List of model and parameter information:

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