LeTV clarifies that the trademark le was auctioned"

LeTV's trademark le was auctioned, LeTV said: This auction is the "LE" trademark of LeTV Holdings, not the "Le" of LeTV.com. At present, the trademarks used by LeTV Video, LeTV Super TV, and smart ecological products are le and letv, which are not affected by this auction.

The relevant person in charge of LeTV Video clarified that the news was a misunderstanding. The auction is for LeEco's LE rather than the trademark "Le". At present, the trademarks used by LeTV, LeTV Super TV, and smart ecological products are "Le" and "Letv", which are not affected by this auction, and the use of the Chinese "LeTV" trademark is also not affected. When consumers buy LeTV products, they must look for the above three trademarks "Le", "Letv" and "LeTV".

According to industry analysts, the "LE" trademark is the trademark used by LeEco in the ecological development period, which is used to indicate its seven ecological sons. As early as 2019, LeTV stopped using the trademark and updated it to "le" and "letv", so "LE" is not a classic trademark of LeTV, but a trademark of a business period.

On September 26, the Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People's Court announced that it will auction 908 trademarks under the name of LeTV Holdings (Beijing) Co., Ltd. on October 10, 2022, with a starting price of about 837,900 yuan. Specifically, the trademarks auctioned this time include the "LE" logo trademark, the "LeMobile" trademark of LeTV's mobile phone, and the "Leapai Lexiang", an electric car time-sharing rental platform.

The judicial auction stemmed from a civil litigation dispute with LeEco in 2017. According to the documents issued by the Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People's Court, LeTV was sentenced to pay official fees and agency fees of approximately RMB 2.21 million to the plaintiff Beijing Luhao Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. At the time of assessing the value of the above-mentioned trademarks, LeTV Holdings had been enforced.

This is not the first time that a series of trademarks owned by LeTV has been auctioned. In 2020, 1,354 trademarks held by LeTV were auctioned by judicial auctions, and they were finally sold at about 1,000 times the starting price. The trademarks involved at that time included "LeTV TV", "LeTV Super TV", etc. Yuan price transaction. In June last year, another 580 trademarks on LeTV were auctioned, including “Music Fans”, “Leying” and “Le Life”. The starting price was set at 14 million yuan, and the final transaction price was only 16.03 million yuan. The TV operator Lerongzhi's new controlling shareholder Tianjin Jiarui Huixin Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. took the picture.

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