LG Display VP says silicon-based OLED will be the main panel for future Metaverse devices

The Metaverse, which became popular last year, has received extensive attention from the capital market and technology giants. Apple, Samsung, etc. are investing heavily in the Metaverse. Demand for components such as panels. In terms of panels for Metaverse products, Yang Joon-young, vice president of LG Display, recently said that the future will mainly be silicon-based OLED panels.

Judging from foreign media reports, Yang Joon-young was at a Metaverse-related conference, saying that OLED-related technology has improved in recent years, and in micro-panels, it is leading the industry from silicon-based liquid crystal panels to silicon-based OLED panels. Panel transformation.

Foreign media said in the report that micro panels are panels of about 1 inch used for VR and AR devices. This type of panel replaces glass substrates with silicon bases and can achieve ultra-high definition without enlarging the size.

Yang Joon-young said at the meeting that compared with the current products with 1000-2000 pixels per inch, the panels required for Metaverse hardware devices will be more complex, and the next-generation VR devices will use 3000 pixels per inch or even higher. Pixel's silicon-based OLED panel.

For AR devices, Yang Joon-young believes that the advantage of silicon-based OLED panels is their small size, making them ideal panels for this type of device.

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