LG releases new IPS Black panel monitor

In August, LG launched the Nano IPS Black screen monitor 32UQ85R, with a 32-inch 4K resolution, starting at 5,999 yuan. Now, LG has released a 27-inch IPS Black panel monitor, model number 27UQ850, which is expected to be available soon.

This monitor has a 27-inch 4K resolution, a 60Hz refresh rate, 400 nits of brightness, a color gamut of 98% DCI-P3, and a contrast ratio that doubles compared to conventional IPS panels, reaching 2000:1.

In other respects, this monitor supports AMD FreeSync, has two built-in 5W speakers, is equipped with DP 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 interfaces, and has a full-featured USB-C interface that supports picture, data transfer, and 90W reverse power supply.

Given that the Dell U2723QX with similar parameters is priced at around 4,000 yuan, this LG 27UQ850 should also be around 4,000 yuan.

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