Limin's new 100mm high-pressure radiator is on the shelves

Limin recently announced the new ITX down-pressure air-cooled radiator S1-100. Now, this radiator has been put on the shelves, the price is 199 yuan, the first 159 yuan. This radiator adopts a 100mm high heat dissipation design, is equipped with 6 6mm heat pipes, and is equipped with a 12cm TL-E12 fan. 

At present, Limin's highest down-pressure radiator is the AXP-120-X67 on the right side of the picture, with a minimum height of 67mm, also using 6 heat pipe specifications, and the current price is 229 yuan. In addition, Limin also has 53mm high APX90-X53, 47mm high APX90-X47, 36mm high APX90-X36 and other down-pressure radiators.

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