Liyang chip recently completed the development of the world's first Beidou short message SoC chip test solution

Liyang Chip announced that the company has recently completed the development of the world's first Beidou short message SoC chip test solution and entered the mass production stage. The company provides exclusive wafer-level testing services for the chip.

Liyang Chip said that this time, the company has successfully completed the research and development of the Beidou short message SoC chip test solution, which provides navigation satellite simulation signals, and can simulate and provide 3 BDS B1 satellites + 3 GPS L1C / A satellite signals (Satellite signal strength -133dBm, dynamic scene speed not higher than 2m/S), it can comprehensively test the radio frequency and baseband functions of Beidou navigation chips with different functions and can meet the test requirements of civil global multi-mode and multi-frequency chips. The company tests the key parameters of the chip by simulating Beidou satellite signals, including signal reception, differential enhancement, integrated navigation function, AGNSS function, first positioning time, sensitivity, accuracy, multi-tone interference elimination, power consumption, etc.; in addition, in the radio frequency part Analyze and evaluate the chip's multi-frequency parallel reception, IF I/Q output, and ADC sampling performance.

At the end of July this year, the China Satellite Navigation System Management Office announced that China North Industries Group Co., Ltd., China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd., China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd. and domestic mobile phone manufacturers jointly completed the first domestic mobile phone manufacturer. The mobile phone Beidou short message communication radio frequency baseband integrated chip (referred to as "short message chip") was developed to realize the satellite communication capability of popular smartphones.

The short message chip can be integrated into a smartphone, which is helpful for the promotion of the short message function in the field of mass consumption. It is expected that the first batch of mobile phone products supporting the Beidou short message communication function will be launched in 2022. As one of the four major satellite navigation systems in the world, Beidou is also the only satellite navigation system with the function of short message communication.

It is reported that the short message chip has conquered a number of key core technologies, and realized the "one-number dual-network" design of mass mobile phones that "does not change cards, numbers, and add peripherals", and realizes the satellite communication capability of mass smartphones for the first time. Effectively solve the problem of "not in the service area".

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