Mechanical Revolution's new Jiaolong 16 game book goes on sale tonight

A few days ago, Mechanical Revolution launched a new configuration of the Jiaolong 16 game book, R7 6800H + RTX 3070 Ti. At 0:00 tonight, this notebook is officially on sale, with a starting price of 8499 yuan.

The Ryzen 7 6800H, which comes standard with the Mechanical Revolution Jiaolong 16 gaming notebook, has the specifications of eight cores and sixteen threads, and has a stable power consumption of 75 watts; it is equipped with a GeForce RTX 3070Ti with a power consumption of up to 150 watts. High-end graphics card with up to 5888 amp architecture CUDA stream processors ; standard 16GB memory and 512GB SSD.

In terms of screen, the Jiaolong 16 gaming notebook is equipped with a 16-inch large screen with a maximum resolution of 2.5K, with 100% sRGB high color gamut coverage and high color accuracy of ΔE<2, as well as a professional gaming-level refresh rate of up to 240Hz.

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