Meditation Software releases Meditation Security Operating System (Euler Edition)

Meditation Software Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Meditation Software) recently released the Meditation security operating system V6.0.99 (Euler version) based on openEuler. openEuler said that this operating system has the characteristics of high reliability, high security, high performance and good compatibility, which can provide users with strong support at the operating system level and ensure the safe and stable operation of production and key business systems. The system is developed based on openEuler 20.03 LTS SP3 and supports Kunpeng, ARM, x86, and other processor architectures.

The basic parameters are as follows

  • Version information: Developed based on openEuler 20.03 LTS SP3;
  • Architecture support: support Kunpeng, ARM, x86, and other processor architectures;
  • Core component version: Linux Kernel 4.19.90, Glibc 2.28, GCC 7.3.0, Systemd 243;
  • Standard compliance: Comply with POSIX standard;
  • Core support capability: the maximum supported memory is 2TB, the maximum file size is 16TB (ext4 file system), and the maximum support 1EB hard disk (ext4 file system);
  • Installation guide: Provide text/graphic installation interface, provide CD-ROM, U-disk installation methods, support Kickstart automatic installation, support LEGACY and UEFI under x86, and support UEFI mode under ARM;
  • System tools: provide software package upgrade tools, support dnf / yum software package management and upgrade, and provide firewall configuration management tools;
  • Virtualization support: Provide virtualization support for KVM (the KVM version is consistent with the kernel), provide support for QEMU and Libvirt, and provide virtualization management tools to create, configure and manage virtual machines in a stand-alone environment;
  • Container support: Provide support for Docker, provide support for lightweight container engine iSulad;
  • Development tools: support C, C++, Objective C included in GCC, support Java, Go support library, support Python2, Python3, Perl, Shell, and other scripting languages;
  • IO performance optimization: optimize the IOVA page table lookup and page table release algorithms to improve the performance of the IO MMU subsystem;
  • Software source: support openEuler official source;
  • Kernel feature enhancements: support NVDIMM to improve the performance of business scenarios such as big data, support Feiteng CPU FT2000+/64 general computing, support iscsi work threads to bind cores according to numa affinity, improve IO performance, file cache percpu lock-free optimization, reduce atomic overhead, Improve concurrent file access performance and Nginx scene performance;
  • Enhanced security features: The unique meditation domain security module supports mandatory behavior control, mandatory access control, mandatory capability control, and system management with separation of powers; system-wide security enhancements;
  • Enhanced virtualization features: ARM virtualization supports CPU/memory hot-plug, improves resource configuration flexibility, enables KVM CPU can be configured in custom mode (ARM), realizes custom configuration of virtual machine side CPU features, and operation and maintenance tool VMTOP, It supports the rapid collection of performance indicators such as virtual machine trapping, virtualization supports safe boot and improves virtual machine security.

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