Meizu PANDAER will launch a small TV tide charger

Although the iterative update cycle of Meizu mobile phones has changed, Meizu PANDAER has been launching accessories such as headphones, speakers, mobile phone cases, and mouse pads. Today, Meizu PANDAER announced that it will launch a new charging head.

Meizu PANDAER's official Weibo said that it will soon launch the PANDAER __W AI small TV tide charger , and claimed that the charging head can "one device can meet the charging needs of all scenes". As can be seen from the picture, the new charging head adopts a retro picture tube TV-style design, and is equipped with a display screen on the side, which is expected to display information such as charging status.

The PANDAER __W AI charging head features foldable prongs and two USB-C ports on top. In terms of charging power, the official has not announced specific information yet, but it is expected to support fast charging of about 35W, mainly for iPhone users.

For reference, Flash has launched a retro 35 charging head in the form of a desktop computer. The charging head is equipped with a small display that will display different colors under different charging powers and will display white when the device is fully charged.

Meizu PANDAER announced the launch of a new authentic authentication system in late August this year, providing a full range of authentic guarantees with double anti-counterfeiting marks. Specifically, the authentic Meizu PANDAER can display the PANDAER planet logo under strong light, and has a QR code that can be scanned to check the authenticity.

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