Midea's Welling Motors is accelerating its entry into the new energy market

Midea's Welling Auto Parts Company held a press conference to officially announce its entry into the new energy smart vehicle industry chain. At the "4th Global New Energy and Smart Vehicle Supply Chain Innovation Conference" held by the China Electric Vehicle 100 Association today, Chen Jintao, general manager of Welling Auto Parts Company, a subsidiary of Midea Group, delivered a speech entitled "Smart Electric Vehicles" at the Supply Chain Security Forum. The keynote speech of "Core Components, Integrating Innovation Drives Development".

Chen Jintao said: One of the goals of Welling auto parts entering the automotive field is to make up for China's shortcomings in the supply chain of new energy vehicles. According to reports, relying on Midea's industrial technology, Welling Motors has accumulated more than 5,500 electromechanical common patent technologies and has laid out three major systems, including electric drive system, thermal management system, and chassis execution system, including compressor, motor, pump valve and a series of core components of new energy vehicles.

He said that throughout the new energy vehicle industry chain, the proportion of Chinese-funded suppliers of key core components is relatively low, especially in the supply of the vehicle's three-electric system, the lack of competitiveness caused by the relative scarcity of high-quality components has become a hot domestic new energy vehicle market. A big worry behind it.

Midea has nearly 30 years of experience in the electromechanical field, especially compressors. At present, the known products of Welling Motors include electric compressor, shared platform electronic water pump, drive motor, electronic oil pump, EPS (electric power steering system) motor, etc.

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