MSI launches new MPG A850G PCIE5 power supply

Last month, MSI launched the MPG A1000G PCIE5 power supply, 1000W power, natively equipped with 12VHPWR "16pin" interface, priced at 1399 yuan. Now, MSI has released an MPG A850G PCIE5, 850W power, also based on ATX 3.0 and PIC-E 5.0 specifications, providing a 12VHPWR interface, only one line can provide up to 600W output for the graphics card, the official said that it can easily control RTX 3090 Ti with the next-gen flagship graphics card.

According to reports, this power supply adopts the 80 PLUS gold medal scheme, and the internal materials use 100% all-Japan 105 ℃ high-temperature capacitors. This power supply supports the fan start-stop function, which automatically stops the fan operation under 40% load, which helps to reduce noise and prolong the life of the fan. In terms of size, its apparent size is only 150mm long and 86mm high, which is more compatible with the chassis. In terms of after-sales, this power supply provides a 10-year long warranty service.

The official said that this power supply will be put on sale in the near future.

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