MSI showcases the Super Dragon water-cooled version of the RTX 4090

MSI's official website has now announced the appearance and some parameter information of the Chaolong water-cooled version of the RTX 4090. 

MSI said that in addition to the traditional air-cooled version of the SUPRIM Super Dragon, MSI will also launch a water-cooled version of the Super Dragon named SUPRIM LIQUID in this generation, currently only the GeForce RTX 4090 model.

SUPRIM LIQUID adopts an integrated water cooling system, which can control the temperature of the GPU core lower, so as to achieve a higher level of performance. The 240mm radiator is paired with a pair of MSI Silent Gale P12 120mm fans with low noise and high wind pressure. In addition, the radiator is also equipped with a Blade 7 fan, which can provide enough heat dissipation for some components of the graphics card power supply.

List of parameters:

The NVIDIA RTX 4090 will be available on October 12, and the RTX 4080 will be available in November.

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