NetEase Fuxi mining robot was first exposed to the public

At the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, the NetEase Fuxi mining robot was first exposed to the public. It is reported that in the first half of this year, NetEase's Fuxi mining robot participated in the construction of NetEase's third phase. At the end of September, it will also participate in the construction of key infrastructure railway projects in the southwest of the country. The NetEase Fuxi mining robot upgrades traditional construction machinery to robots through an intelligent mining system, transmits the perception data of the excavator to the remote client in real-time, and supports low-latency remote control of mouse buttons, handles, and other equipment. Remote construction can be carried out at any location, and one person can operate multiple excavators at the same time.

It is understood that NetEase Fuxi was previously a domestic institution specializing in the research and application of game and pan-entertainment AI. NetEase Fuxi mining robot is the first application of Fuxi's human-machine collaboration platform in the field of construction machinery. Next, the human-machine collaboration platform will be combined with the Internet of Things. , to help various industries quickly model, publish and operate tasks that can be completed by machines and humans, solve human problems for the industry, provide people with more convenient and interesting job opportunities, and provide more training scenarios and data for machine intelligence.

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