New Microsoft Surface Studio 3 has passed the US FCC certification

According to some online revelations and FCC documents, Microsoft plans to update the Surface Pro 9 and Surface Laptop 5 product lines.

There's no word on an update for the Surface Studio 3 or Surface Laptop Studio 2. Still, now a new FCC filing released earlier this week details a device called a "desktop computer" (C3K2043) of mysterious Surface brand products.

This is most likely a new Surface Studio 3, as the Surface Go/Pro/Laptop/Book and even the Duo all fall under the "portable computer" category in Microsoft's FCC filing. Generally speaking, any device capable of wireless communication must be certified by the FCC, and the new Surface Studio is no exception.

The so-called Microsoft Surface Studio 3 has been certified by the FCC and passed its network and quality control tests before being sold in the US.

Microsoft has been granted short-term confidentiality on documents and critical test attachments until February 28, 2023. Minor details such as the networking chipset confirm that the device will feature an Intel CPU, according to the available documents.

According to one of the documents, the so-called Surface Studio 3 uses an Intel Wi-Fi 6-compatible 802.11ax chip. The chip supports 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, creating more channels available.

However, we don't yet know anything about the pricing, hardware specs and other features of the next-gen Surface Studio. It was previously reported that Microsoft is working on new accessories for the Surface Studio 3 desktop computer.

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