New Sony PS5 internal structure exposure

Sony has completely changed the internal design of its latest PS5. According to previous news, the machine will be launched on September 15th. Last month, the new Sony PS5 was launched on Australian e-commerce, and now Youtuber Austin Evans has revealed its internal structure and found that there are many changes. The new Sony PS5 uses a new, smaller motherboard, different cooling, and even changes to the SSD casing.

These changes make the PS5 lose weight again, but the appearance has not changed significantly. The real big change is the PS5's updated motherboard, which is about 2 inches smaller and adds a heat pipe and a smaller heatsink to the rear, so the new PS5 has a slightly different cooling system.

Sony redesigned the cooling solution on the 2021 PS5 last year, and according to Evans, the new motherboard and heatsink for the 2022 PS5 now weigh about 2.5 pounds (about 1135 grams), a pound lighter than the original design.

Sony has also changed the placement of a lot of components in this new motherboard design, the CMOS battery is now completely hidden under the heatsink, it used to be exposed so it was easy to replace, but now the PS5 has to be completely disassembled to replace the CMOS battery. In the new PS5, the SSD casing has also changed, and instead of having a PCB running the entire length, it has exposed metal. It's unclear why Sony changed this particular part of the PS5's design, but it's speculated that it may help improve cooling.

All of these changes could bring some real benefits to the PS5, with Evans claiming that the new PS5 will draw roughly 20-30 watts less when gaming while keeping noise and heat output virtually unchanged.

Sony shrunk almost everything, including the motherboard and internal packaging, to make it lighter, Evans said. According to previous news, the digital version of PS5 (CFI-1202B) weighs 3.4 kg (500 grams lighter than the original PS5), and according to the Disc PS5 (CFI-1202A), the optical drive version weighs 3.9 kg (than the original PS5) 600 grams lighter).

The arrival of the new PS5 models comes at a time when Sony has raised the price of its PS5 outside the United States, and its Chinese version has risen by 400 yuan.

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