Nothing showcases new earphones with lipstick-like charging case

Nothing announced the appearance of its new true wireless headset Nothing Ear (stick) at London Fashion Week, which is the company's second headset and will be launched later this year. Nothing Ear (stick)'s charging case has been completely redesigned to take the shape of lipstick for easier pocketing.

Nothing has only revealed about what the new headset will look like, and its exact details are still being kept under wraps. It is reported that the earphones will cancel the rubber earplugs and adopt a design similar to Apple's regular version of AirPods, which is more comfortable to wear, but also more difficult to isolate outside noise.

In addition to the Ear (stick), Nothing also showed a limited edition bag that can be placed in both mobile phones and headphones, using a transparent fabric (transparency is the core of Nothing's design) design, and Nothing can be seen from the outside (1 ) The phone's Glyph light gleams, and the bag will be available early next year.

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