Nvidia announces the transistor count of three GPUs for RTX 40 graphics cards

The RTX 4090, 4080 16GB, and 4080 12GB recently released by Nvidia are equipped with AD102, AD103, and AD104 GPUs respectively. According to VideoCardz, Nvidia has now released complete information on the die size and transistor count of the AD102, AD103, and AD104 GPUs.

  • AD102 (RTX 4090): 608 mm², 76.3 billion transistors
  • AD103 (RTX 4080 16G): 378.6 mm², 45.9 billion transistors
  • AD104 (RTX 4080 12G): 294.5 mm², 35.8 billion transistors

The transistor densities of the new GPUs are reported to be higher than 121 million per square millimeter. With 35.8 billion transistors, the AD104 has 7.5 billion more transistors than the previous generation flagship GA102 GPU .

In addition, the new generation of GPUs has a much higher number of Render Output Units (ROPs) than its predecessors , with the AD102 up to 192 ROPs and the AD103 with 112 ROPs, as many as the previous flagship GA102, while the AD103 has 80 ROPs. Higher ROP numbers improve rasterization performance.

The second-level cache of the new generation GPU has also been improved , AD102 is 96MB, AD103 is 64MB, and AD104 is 48MB. Nvidia has confirmed that both RTX 4080 models will feature 48MB of L2 cache.

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