Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun: China's sales space is still very large

Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun said on Wednesday that despite export restrictions, he still believes that Nvidia data center chips have a large market in China. Nvidia released three graphics cards, RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 16G|12G yesterday, priced at 12,999 yuan, 9,499 yuan, and 7,199 yuan respectively.

In a press conference after the fall product launch, Huang Renxun said that the export ban disclosed earlier this month has very specific thresholds for chip performance and processor scalability and that these rules "leave us in the Chinese market". "The vast majority of our customers will not be affected by this specification."

"So our expectation is that for the U.S. and China, we'll have a large number of products that are architecturally compatible, within constraints, and require no licenses at all."

Huang Renxun said that the banned A100 and H100 chips are only a small part of its data center chip lineup, and there are still a large number of products that can still be sold in China. He also said Nvidia will seek licenses for Chinese customers.

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