Nvidia explains that RTX 40 series graphics cards do not support DP 2.0

Nvidia’s newly released RTX 40 series graphics cards still use the DP 1.4a interface instead of DP 2.0. In this regard, Nvidia has given an explanation.

The current DisplayPort 1.4 standard is capable of supporting 8K displays with a 60Hz refresh rate. Also, consumer gaming monitors won't offer DisplayPort 2.0 support for quite some time.

The DisplayPort 2.0 video transmission standard was released in 2019, and the first product was planned to be released in late 2020, but it has not been implemented until now. According to the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), the standard's issuer, the main reason for the delay in the program is that the coronavirus pandemic has prevented discussions and experiments among the association's engineers and developers.

In 2022, Intel announced that its Ruixuan graphics card will adopt a new display engine, achieve DP 2.0 Ready, and support dual 8k60 frame HDR output. AMD also announced at a recent press conference that the new X670 motherboard will be equipped with a DP 2.0 interface.

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