Nvidia launches RTX Remix MOD platform

According to official news from NVIDIA, NVIDIA has launched the RTX Remix MOD platform to help MOD producers create and share RTXON game mods for classic games.

Nvidia says Nexus Mods is the internet's most popular library of game mods, currently supporting 1,800 games, and graphics mods are the most popular upgrades on the site. But making graphic mods is no easy task, as modding tools are not only complex but also lack support for classic games.

To this end, NVIDIA has launched NVIDIA RTX Remix. This is a free MOD platform based on NVIDIA Omniverse that helps modders quickly create and share RTXON mods for classic games, and each mod supports enhanced textures, full ray tracing, and NVIDIA DLSS 3.

According to reports, the "Portal" RTX version is made with RTX Remix. The NVIDIA RTX 4090 will be available on October 12, and the RTX 4080 will be available in November. 

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