Nvidia urges GPU-Z to disconnect immediately after detecting unreleased graphics cards

The GPU monitoring tool GPU-Z released version 2.48, which brought a number of improvements, including a special feature that was proposed by NVIDIA. The changelog shows that Nvidia requires that when GPU-Z detects an engineering sample card that Nvidia has not released, it will disable its own network connection to avoid leakage of the graphics card information.

Previously, some Nvidia graphics card manufacturers uploaded unreleased graphics card information to the TechPowerUP database when using GPU-Z detection, which is also a major way for graphics card exposure. But it seems that the road is gone. In addition, GPU-Z 2.48 version also improves Chinese translation, which will have a better experience for domestic users.

GPU-Z version 2.48 update content:

  • Added a new "DLSS" section in the Advanced tab, which will locate all installed DLSS-enabled games and report their DLSS version
  • GPU-Z will no longer send traffic to www.techpowerup.com and use www.gpu-z.com exclusively, making it easier for IT admins to block traffic from GPU-Z
  • All previous endpoints on techpowerup.com will be disabled soon, please update your firewall rules accordingly
  • After installing an NVIDIA engineering sample GPU, GPU-Z will block all its network activity (feature request from NVIDIA)
  • Numerous improvements to Intel Arc detection, sensors, reporting, and specs
  • Renamed the Intel discrete GPU power sensor to "GPU Chip Power Draw" to clarify that it does not measure the entire board power, but only the GPU chip power
  • Chinese translation improvements
  • Added detection of Advantech Vendor ID
  • Fixed fan speed monitoring on Intel DG1 with newer driver
  • Fixed RTX 3080 12GB release year
  • The fixed release date for Ryzen 5800H
  • Fixed RV670 chip size
  • Added support for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 OEM, MX550 (TU117-A), RTX A5500, A5500 Mobile, A4500 Mobile, A3000 12 GB Mobile, A1000 Embedded
  • Added support for Intel Core i5-1230U and several new Arc SKUs
  • Added support for AMD FireStream 9170

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