OFILM: Pure solid-state lidar has made the first technical connection with many domestic OEMs

According to the record of investor relations activities disclosed by OFILM today, OFILM said in an institutional survey that the company's pure solid-state LiDAR has conducted the first technology with many domestic OEMs and new car manufacturers.

Oufeiguang said that the company's pure solid-state lidar solution is Micro-flash micro-flash mode. The advantage is that it does not contain any rotating structure inside. It can provide high detection distance and angular resolution while also providing automotive-grade products. reliability and stability; the company's lidar uses semiconductor technology to activate VCSELs one by one to scan at a speed of 1000 times per second, and each VCSEL will illuminate a specific SPAD array pixel; this lidar can be flexibly configured, according to Combining laser components for different modeling requirements can easily match various installation position requirements; in addition, by matching different lens modules, designs with different FOV and angular resolution can also be realized.

Data shows that in the first half of 2022, OFILM achieved an operating income of 7.775 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 33.78%, and net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was -874 million yuan.

OFILM said that the company will focus on the smart car business as a key business area, increase resource allocation in all aspects from research and development, marketing, production, etc., and strive to achieve an industry-leading smart car business revenue scale by 2025.

Oufeiguang pointed out that the company has been deploying smart cars since 2015, and has obtained the first-level supplier qualifications of more than 20 domestic car companies. In the field of the smart car business, it has carried out extensive cooperation with many domestic independent brand customers. Enterprises, but also new forces in car manufacturing. The company has recently added the supplier qualifications of several new car manufacturers, and the company is also actively conducting supplier qualification certification for foreign car manufacturers.

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