OFILM self-developed vehicle AR-HUD system

HUD is a comprehensive electronic display device that can project vehicle information on the front windshield or other display media for the driver to view, thereby reducing the driver's distraction due to bowing or shifting sight. security risks. Compared with the traditional HUD, AR-HUD has an augmented reality effect and richer information display under the new human-vehicle interaction mode.

According to the release of OFILM, the company is based on the development in the field of optics and optoelectronics, combined with intelligent cockpit product lines such as instrumentation, central control, display screen, electronic rearview mirror, as well as intelligent driving, optical development, etc., OFILM self-developed vehicle AR-HUD system solutions, layout and form AR-HUD (DLP+led), AR-HUD (bifocal field: TFT1.8+4.1), AR-HUD (LCOS+led) product system.

Oufeiguang said that its products have a projection distance of 10m or more, FOV (°) of 12x4 or more, and a volume of about 12L. It is flexibly matched with three self-developed PGUs, with a larger field of view, ideal imaging distance, and higher display performance.

OFILM AR-HUD display effect

OFILM AR-HUD projection range

According to the different hardware and principles of the image source, AR-HUD mainly has three mainstream technical routes: TFT, DLP, and LCOS. OFILM self-developed vehicle AR-HUD products, with three PGUs, covering the current mainstream solutions in the market. According to the official introduction, OFILM has entered the field of smart cars since 2015, focusing on three major product lines of intelligent driving, body electronics, and intelligent central control, and has formed optical lenses, cameras, millimeter-wave radar, lidar, head-up Display (HUD) and another rich product matrix.

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