OmniVision First to Launch OV08X 4K HDR Camera Module for Laptops

OmniVision Group announced that it is the first to bring 4K HDR camera modules to laptops. The new OV08X claims to be the industry's only 9.2MP, 0.7‑micron image sensor, which can be used for the next generation of thinner and lighter laptops. Available in 4K resolution, enabling new automatic framing and presence detection.

According to the official introduction, the OV08X can be used in notebook computers equipped with 16:10 (1920 x 1200) aspect ratio displays, and the vertical length (y-axis) occupies only 4mm. It is the first integrated four-cell color filter array in the notebook computer market. And the image sensor of the on-chip hardware puzzle can provide high-quality 9.2MP Bayer output in real-time (Bayer format means that most color image sensors only sense the color of one of the three RGB channels at each pixel position, which is used to save manufacturing costs).

"Users no longer need to rely on external webcams for high-quality video calls. The OV08X image sensor enables high-end and flagship laptop designers to use high-resolution 4K cameras to create the thinnest devices," said Akeem Chen, OmniVision Group Product Marketing Manager.

In addition, the OV08X image sensor supports AI-adjusted auto-framing, keeping the user in the center of the screen during video calls, and the field of view can be customized. The sensor also supports human presence detection and enables contactless login and automatic locking. The sensor has a built-in low-power image signal processor that provides a light-sensing mode and ultra-low power consumption to maximize battery life.

Other highlights:

  • Built on OMNIVISION's PureCel Plus‑S stacked die technology with a small module footprint
  • 4K video output at 30 frames per second
  • Utilize four-unit binning and two-exposure staggered HDR timing to minimize motion artifacts and capture crisp, crisp video in difficult lighting conditions

The OV08X image sensor is now available for samples and will be mass-produced in December 2022.

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