OPPO Find X5 Pro mobile phone DxOMark image score released

DxOMark announced the total image score of OPPO Find X5 Pro. OPPO Find X5 Pro has a total image score of 130 points, ranking 22nd in the global ranking of DxOMark. OPPO Find X5 Pro camera main specifications:

  • Main camera: 50MP sensor, 80° field of view, f/1.7 lens, OIS, AF
  • Ultra Wide Angle: 50MP sensor, 110° field of view, f/2.2 lens, AF
  • Telephoto 1: 13MP sensor, 45° field of view, f/2.4 lens, AF
  • 4K 30/60fps, 1080p 30/60fps (Test settings: 4K/30fps)

DxOMark said that the OPPO Find X5 Pro can take good photos in most situations. Compared with the Find X3 Pro, it has better color rendering and a wider dynamic range. Whether it's shooting photos or videos, its detailed presentation is very good. And when shooting video, its autofocus is fast and accurate, and the anti-shake effect is also very effective.

In addition, DxOMark claims that the Find X5 Pro has slower autofocus, a narrower depth of field, and a more noticeable loss of detail in low light than the Find X3 Pro. And compared to other ultra-high-end models, the phone also lacks some key features like zero shutter lag, efficient HDR algorithms, and sometimes underexposure when shooting video in backlit scenes.

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