OPPO joins the FIDO alliance and will support the universal standard for password-free login

In the Internet age, managing a large number of passwords is a very cumbersome task for users. At the same time, the authentication method that only relies on passwords has also caused extremely serious network security risks. The frequency of changing passwords is high, the setting complexity is large, and the shared passwords and weak passwords on multiple platforms can easily lead to problems such as identity theft, information leakage, hacker phishing, etc., resulting in huge losses.

Recently, OPPO officially joined the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) alliance. OPPO will support the latest FIDO general standard for password-free login, use "public key" cryptography in products and services, provide users with a fast, safe, and convenient password-free login method, and work with other members to promote the formulation and promotion of the standard, greatly reducing the over-reliance on passwords in online services, and helping the era of "passwordless" come.

According to reports, in the future, it is expected that only an OPPO mobile phone will be needed as a "pass" to achieve a seamless experience of cross-browser, cross-application, and cross-OS platform network services. Users can automatically access keys and complete login verification on multiple devices, including new devices and nearby devices, without having to repeatedly register accounts.

The FIDO Alliance, which is dedicated to "eliminating passwords", was established in 2012 and has standardized the authentication methods for password-free login to websites, applications, and online services on a global scale. At present, FIDO certification has evolved into the FIDO2 protocol. This safe and convenient technical standard framework has been supported by mainstream technology companies including Google, Microsoft, and Qualcomm.

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