OPPO / OnePlus mobile phone battery life plan 2022 open

According to the official release of the OPPO service, from September 25th to November 30th, the OPPO battery life plan 2022 will be opened, and the battery replacement price will be as low as 39 yuan. OPPO Mall official accessories, spike as low as 6.9 yuan. There are also multiple limited battery life benefits, including OPPO mobile phone 0 yuan battery coupons for free, street power charging for 1 hour for free and limited access, and Type-C flash charging data cable for limited access.

OPPO said, "Battery replacement price" means that when the battery is replaced out of warranty, only the battery spare parts fee will be charged, and the labor fee of 50 yuan will be waived; you can enjoy a discounted price when you go to the OPPO official service center or choose to send it for repair or pick up in the same city. The service fee generated by "same city pickup and delivery" needs to be charged separately; the discount for this event does not support sharing with the repair discount of OPPO members & OnePlus Growth members; The battery after participating in the event is replaced by an official 180-day warranty service; Based on the principle of environmental protection, the repaired and replaced faulty parts will be uniformly recycled by the OPPO official service center; in order to ensure the service experience, it is recommended to consult the OPPO official service center or call the 95018 official service hotline before visiting the store to learn about the event details and inventory, and make an appointment in advance.

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