OPPO Overseas Vice President: Considering some mobile phones to cancel the charging head next year

More and more smartphone manufacturers have stopped including charging heads in new phones, and OPPO may be next. According to Android Police, at the OPPO Reno 8 series conference in Europe, Zhang Zhouchuan, OPPO’s vice president of overseas sales and services, said: “ We will cancel the charging head for several products next year, and there is currently a plan.”

“It’s not easy for consumers to get a SUPERVOOC charger, so we had to put it in the box before. However, as we expand our business operations, we want to take the charging head out of the box and into the store so that users can After upgrading your device, you can still buy a charger and keep using it.”

Many mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple, Xiaomi, and Huawei have canceled the charging head in some products. The reasons are nothing more than environmental protection and reducing the size of the packaging box. The transition methods of each company are also different.

OPPO's SUPERVOOC has now developed to 150W, and the previous slogan of "charging for five minutes, talking for two hours" is even more popular. Digital blogger @Digital Chat Station previously broke the news that OPPO is trial-producing a 24-volt 10-amp 240W charger in the evt (engineering verification test stage).

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