Panasonic launches new G95D camera

Panasonic recently quietly launched a small facelift of the G95D camera, upgrading a higher-resolution OLED display, and focusing on high-quality VLOG video shooting.

This camera is equipped with 20.3 million pixel CMOS, can record 4K 30P, FHD 120P video, V-Log L, 12 stops of dynamic range, extremely advanced DFD AF focusing, stable tracking, and uses a new higher resolution OLED display, the body weighs about 539g, small and light, the single body sells for 4998 yuan, and the 12-60mm set is 6198 yuan.

This m4/3 micro-single is simultaneously sold on overseas websites today, at about $798. This "G95D" seems to be the same as the "G99D" (Japanese model name) rumored a few days ago, and the only difference from the "G95" seems to be the resolution of the OLED screen.

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