Panel maker Innolux's August revenue was about 3.442 billion yuan

Data showed that panel manufacturer Innolux’s revenue in August was NT$15.3 billion (about 3.442 billion yuan), a decrease of 3% from July and a decrease of 51.3% year-on-year, hitting a new low in nearly 30 months. 

In addition, Innolux's consolidated revenue in the first eight months of this year was NT$158.829 billion (about RMB 35.737 billion), a year-on-year decrease of 34%. Innolux said that revenue in August decreased compared to the same period last year, mainly due to a drop in market prices and a decrease in shipments.

Innolux's combined large-size shipments in August 2022 were 8.65 million units, a month-on-month increase of 4.8%; small and medium-sized combined shipments were 22.21 million units, a month-on-month decrease of 3.3%.

In contrast, Innolux's July revenue was NT$15.8 billion (about 3.555 billion yuan), a decrease of 18.3% month-on-month and a year-on-year decrease of 51.1%. Shipments of large-size panels totaled 8.25 million units in July, a decrease of 26.2% from the previous month; shipments of small and medium-sized panels totaled 22.97 million units in July, a decrease of 24.4% from the previous month.

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