Philips Hue Lightguide Bulbs Released

Signify today released the Philips Hue Lightguide bulb, which is available in the following three shapes. Philips Hue Lightguide bulbs have a unique modern design and are available in three shapes: round, oval, and triangular. According to reports, Philips Hue Lightguide bulbs have a built-in light-emitting inner tube. The bulbs in this series can emit white and colored light up to 500 lumens. 

In terms of price, Philips Hue Lightguide bulbs start at $74.99 (about 517.43 yuan) and will be officially launched later this year. Additionally, the Philips Hue app has added some new features, including "Mimic Presence," a safety feature that automatically turns your lights on and off during the day or night when you're not home. The feature will be added to the app this month.

It is reported that Philips Hue offers a variety of smart bulbs, lamps, lighting equipment, and accessories. These smart and energy-saving LED lamps come in many shapes, sizes and models, and users can use the Philips Hue app to quickly and easily control smart lighting.

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