PICO Announces Brand Upgrade

VR brand PICO officially announced the brand upgrade. Officially, the core of the new vision of the PICO brand is to create a better life experience for consumers around the world. PICO will launch a new brand LOGO, the new LOGO has optimized the curvature and line thickness, and the English characters have also been upgraded to all uppercase.

In addition, PICO also cooperated with Founder Font Library to customize the new font PICO Sans, which is the first font specially designed for VR system applications.

According to officials, it inherits the square frame structure of Fangzheng, and integrates the traditional writing atmosphere, with both humanistic and modern temperaments. It is worth mentioning that PICO Sans is also the first custom font that realizes two-dimensional variable word weight and word width. The stepless change of font thickness and width enables it to be used in VR devices, high-definition screens, and printing scenarios. Bring a comfortable and clear reading experience.

PICO was born in 2015. In September 2021, PICO was officially merged into ByteDance, and the ByteXR business line was formed on the basis of the original business.

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