Apple will intensively release MacBook Air 15-inch, new M3 iMac / Mac Pro, iPad 14-inch...etc in 2023

Apple is expected to release new 2022 iPad Pro, Mac mini, and MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch new products in October this year. In the latest issue of the Power On newsletter, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman details the new hardware Apple will release in 2023.

Mark Gurman said, "Next year is packed with new products for Apple. This includes the MacBook Air 15-inch, the new M3 iMac, the Mac Pro, the updated HomePod speaker, the Reality Pro headset and the larger iPad. The company The combined Apple TV, HomePod, and FaceTime camera device could also debut by the end of the year."

Three new Macs

Apple will launch at least three Macs next year: the MacBook Air 15-inch, the new M3 iMac, and the upcoming Mac Pro.

The 15-inch MacBook Air was first revealed by DSCC analyst Ross Young. According to reports, Apple plans to launch a new version of the MacBook Air in 2023, with a screen size of about 15 inches. Apple also plans to increase the current MacBook Air's 13.3-inch display to a "slightly larger" but still between 13- and 14-inch displays.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman says Apple has skipped the M2 iMac to focus on the new M3 iMac. It's unclear if there will be design changes or just some hardware upgrades.

For the Mac Pro, Apple said at the beginning of the year that it was working on a new high-end Mac device, but has yet to hear anything else from the company.

An updated HomePod is also in development

Gurman reported on the new HomePod smart speaker in June. The new speaker, code-named the B620, will run the same chip as the Apple Watch Series 8, the S8 processor, which is the same speed as the Series 6 chip. It's unclear how its performance will differ from the A8 chip on the original HomePod.

The HomePod mini is equipped with an S5 chip. The S6 processor is about 20% faster than the previous generation processor. Earlier Mark Gurman said:

The HomePod, codenamed B620, will run the same S8 chip as the watch and will be closer to the original HomePod in size and audio performance than the new HomePod mini. The new HomePod will have an updated display on top and even some Discussion about multi-touch capabilities.

The Reality Pro headset will finally debut

The long-rumored Apple Glasses will also debut in 2023. After years of waiting, Apple is likely ready to launch its mixed reality device next year. In a DSCC paper, analysts believe Apple's mixed reality headset will feature an "innovative triple-screen configuration" consisting of two tiny OLED 4K displays and another AMOLED screen for low-resolution peripheral vision. Not only that, but it could also include powerful mobile CPUs and GPUs in the headset.

The headset is rumored to have a Mac-grade chip, and it's going to be very expensive.

Larger iPads and Apple TV and HomePod combos will also be upgraded

Gurman believes a larger iPad is on the way. It might be 14 inches. About a year ago, it was reported that Apple was exploring future larger-screen iPad designs, saying such a product was "still a few years away," then in June DSCC analyst Ross Young confirmed that timeline, while More details are provided.

Ross Young once said that it was an iPad Pro 14.1 inches, but it was later changed to be an iPad 14 inches, which would not be equipped with a Mini-LED display and a ProMotion refresh rate.

For the Apple TV + HomePod + FaceTime device, Gurman has already talked about this product. It could be an Amazon Echo Show competitor.

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