Q2 global foundry revenue ranking

According to the latest report of TrendForce, a small amount of new capacity was opened in the second quarter, which led to the growth of wafer shipments and the price increase of some wafers, which pushed up the top ten in the second quarter. The foundry output value reached US$33.20 billion (approximately RMB 238.708 billion), but the quarter-on-quarter growth converged to 3.9% due to weaker consumer market conditions.

The report pointed out that with the launch of the new iPhone in the third quarter, it is expected to maintain a certain stocking momentum for the sluggish market atmosphere. Therefore, it is expected that the top ten foundry revenue in the third quarter will be driven by high-priced processes. , and the growth rate is expected to be slightly higher than that in the second quarter.

Specifically, benefiting from the strong demand for HPC, IoT, and automotive stocking, TSMC's revenue in the second quarter was US$18.15 billion (about 130.498 billion yuan), but the quarter-on-quarter growth was higher due to the price increase of wafers in the first quarter. Revenues converged to 3.5% over the base period.

Samsung (Samsung) 7/6nm production capacity has been gradually converted to a 5/4nm process, and yield continued to improve, driving second-quarter revenue to 5.59 billion US dollars (about 40.192 billion yuan), an increase of 4.9%. UMC's new 28/22nm production capacity was successfully launched in the second quarter, driving overall wafer shipments and ASP growth. This process node's revenue accounted for 22% of this quarter, and the second quarter's revenue reached 24.5% US$17.616 billion (approximately RMB 17.616 billion), an increase of 8.1% month-on-month, the highest growth rate.

GlobalFoundries benefited from the release of a small amount of new capacity and the long-term agreement (LTA) guarantee for most of the production capacity. In the second quarter, revenue reached 1.99 billion US dollars (about 14.308 billion yuan), an increase of 2.7% from the previous quarter. SMIC's revenue in the second quarter reached US$1.90 billion (approximately 13.661 billion yuan), an increase of 3.3% month-on-month, while the proportion of revenue in the smartphone field fell to 25.4%, while the smart home field maintained strong growth momentum.

The sixth to tenth places are HuaHong Group, PSMC, World Advanced (VIS), Hefei Nexchip, and Tower Semiconductor. 

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