Raytheon launches ZERO96 three-mode mechanical keyboard

Thor announced the launch of the ZERO96 three-mode mechanical keyboard, which is priced at 499 yuan. This series of keyboards adds large-key silicone strips, 3.5MM thickened light-tone silicone pads, and EVA bottom cotton, which reduces the cavity sound of the keyboard and improves the consistency of keyboard tapping. In terms of battery life, this series of keyboards have a built-in 3000mAh large-capacity battery, and the original technical solution is optimized and upgraded. When fully charged, the light can be turned off for up to 40 days and the light is turned on for up to 8 days.

This series of keyboards adopts a simplified layout and retains the numeric keypad on the right; PBT material keycaps are used, which are comfortable to the touch, delicate to the touch, wear-resistant, and not greasy; provide three connection modes: Bluetooth, receiver, and wired; all keys support hot plugging It is compatible with pentapods and tripods, and supports 16 kinds of RGB backlight effects; it is equipped with an independent flow wheel optimization key, and you can adjust the volume and backlight effect by sliding the wheel.

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