Russian operators start pre-sale of Apple iPhone 14 / Pro series

Even though Apple halted sales of new products in Russia in March 2022 due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, Russians will still have access to new products, a senior government official told RIA Novosti today. Opportunity to buy the new Apple iPhone 14 series.

Asked if he would import Apple's new iPhones, Russian Trade and Industry Minister Denis Manturov replied: "Why not? If consumers want to buy these phones, there will be opportunities." The new iPhone 14 will be supplied to Russia on a parallel import mechanism, and Russians will have the opportunity to purchase the new device.

Apple halted sales of new products in Russia in March over what it believed to be Russia's invasion of Ukraine, but Russian retailers are still selling the leftover inventory of older iPhone and MacBook models.

On Thursday morning, Russian mobile network MTS was already selling the new iPhone 14 models on pre-order. Prices for the 128 GB version start at 84,990 rubles.

MTS said delivery times could take up to 120 days, and it reserves the right to cancel an order if it encounters difficulties importing the product. In this regard, Apple has not yet responded.

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